Who are we?


This is a complicated story.  The owners and writers of this blog, with the exception of rare special writers, are Kristen and Candi.  They have known each other since elementary school.  Think kindergarten.   They were in many of the same classes and had may of the same friends.  Kristen, moved away when she was 13 didn’t see or talk to Candi for…let’s just say many years.  No reason behind it except Kristen moved a lot.  Fast forward about 14 years and social media is the way you find people.  That’s what they did.  Through mutual friends they got in contact and that started their journey.In the past year or two, they have gone through a lot of crazy things.  One of the  biggest things they have in common is that they both have angel babies.  Candi has two and Kristen has one.  Even though this is a tragic situation they both feel blessed to have someone to lean on for strength, support, encouragement, understanding, and friendship.  They both are crazy.  They both have amazing men by their sides.  They also both have pretty great fur-babies.

They hope you can come to understand how this journey works.  It’s different for everyone but maybe this will help you relate to someone who is dealing with infertility or grieving a miscarriage/pregnancy loss.  They also hope that if you are one of those people suffering, that this will give you strength, encouragement, courage, and the knowledge that you are not alone.

Thank you and keep reading.