What does that mean?!

We figured that many of you readers that haven’t gone through any of this would have questions about what our abbreviations mean.  Sometimes even we have no idea what they mean.  Here we will compile a list of abbreviations so if you really want to know you can find them all in one place.   These are abbreviations and terms created in the fertility and pregnancy loss communities.  It’s like a secret language.  Sometimes it’s just fun to talk in code.

Medical terms…well…some of them are medical terms.

AF= aunt flow, monthly curse, mentruation.  NO ONE likes this.  NO ONE EVER!
BC= birth control.  Sometimes when you are doing treatments or have just gone through a loss the doctors give you a break with this.
BD= baby dance or sex.
BFN= big fat negative.  If you see that….know there will be cursing.
BFP= big fat positive.  If you see that one…know that there will be a lot of freaking out and squeeing and crying and panic.  Lots of panic.
BPM= beats per minute.  Refering to that beautiful sound of a babies heartbeat in the womb.
CD= cycle day.  You have to keep track before you ovulate AND after with like 47 numbers.  It’s too confusing for Kristen so Candi and her doctor keep track for her.
IF= infertile….or the word “if” but only when it makes sense
MC= Miscarriage.  horrible horrible word.
D&C= dilation and curettage.  A procedure where your cervix is dilated and (forgive me for using technical terms please) the fetal tissue is removed.  Very painful process mentally and sometimes it can be physically painful.
DPO= days past ovulation.  This is how to tell when you should test.  It’s also an evil number that makes women craaaaazy.
hCg= Human Chorionic Gonadotropin.  This is also known as the pregnancy hormone.  It’s what causes pregnancy tests to be positive.  In fertility treatments it is also used to cause ovulation.  You will see this a lot here.
HPT= home pregnancy test.  Kristen has 50 of these stored in her bathroom for rainy days….or next year’s Christmas presents!
HSG= Hysterosalpingogram. This is an xray that is taken as radioactive dye is injected into your uterus through a catheter inserted in your uterus.  This shows blockages in your fallopian tubes and can cause people to be very fertile for a couple months.  A month and a half before Kristen got pregnant she had this test done.
IUI= intrauterine insemination.  Pretty much the same thing as artificial insemination.  A guy gives his sample, doctor washes it and gets it all pretty and injects it directly into the uterus by way of a catheter inserted into the cervix.  Cheapest of the actual procedures.
invitro fertilization.  Take the eggs out of the woman and put them in a petri dish.  Add sperm.  Stick them back in.  IVF in short hand.  Really expensive.  We’re talking a minimum of $10,000 easy.
= luteinizing hormone.  It’s the hormone that will cause and ovulation predictor kit to be positive so you know when to get your freak on.
O= ovulation.  There is another “O” but I think we’ll keep that one to ourselves.
OB/GYN= obstetrician and gynecologist
OPK= ovulation predictor kit.  These little buggers can cause chaos in an other wise sane woman’s world.
PCOS/PCOD= Polycystic ovarian syndrome or disease.  Eggs form in your ovaries and turn into cysts, you don’t ovulate correctly if ever, hormones are jacked up, blood sugar issues.  It’s not a fun thing to have but a lot of women have it including our own Kristen.
PID= pelvic inflammatory disease.  Not cool.
PMS= pre-menstrual syndrome.  Just watch out.  Get out of the way and don’t disagree with anything we say.
POAS= peeing on a stick.  We are professionals.  After taking multiple tests every month for several months you can almost put it on your resume.
RE= Reproductive Endocrinologist.  These are the guys some of us have used our salaries to put their children through college while they play with our hormones and lady bits…and man bits…
2WW= two week wait.  The time between ovulation and getting a big fat positive or big fat negative.  Worst 2 weeks of the month.  Especially when it’s every month.
TTC= trying to conceive.
US or U/S= ultrasound.  This blog is full of ultrasound discussions and complaints.  Remember this one.

Family abbreviations.  This way everyone knows who we are complaining about.
BIL= Brother-in-law.
DD= dear daughter.
= dear husband.  A lot of folks don’t like sharing names.  We don’t mind.  We like airing our dirty laundry.
DS= dear son.
FIL= Father-in-law.
MIL= Mother-in-law.  This one will probably come up soon…hahahaha
SIL= Sister-in-law.
SO= significant other.


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