Listen at your own risk…

This is the list Kristen refers to as the “No-No” list.  Candi calls this the “I can’t help it but I have to listen” list.

Either way, this is a list of music we have either listened to for inspiration, encouragement, on accident, on purpose, and for many other reasons.  Sometimes we listen to them because we need a good cry.  We hope you can find something here that is what you need for the moment.

If you have any suggestions for songs to add to the list please, send them on over.  We will gladly add them to the list with or without a mention of who sent them depending on your preference.

  • “So hard”-Dixie Chicks
  • “To whom it may concern”-The Civil Wars
  • “I would die for that”-Kellie Coffey
  • “No less than a woman”-Lady Saw
  • “The Anchor Holds”-Ray Boltz
  • “Beauty will rise”-Steven Curtis Chapman
  • “Stop for me”-Carolyn Dawn Johnson
  • “My name”-George Canyon
  • “Smallest Wingless”-Craig Cardiff
  • “Precious Child”-Karen Taylor
  • “Chiquititia”-ABBA (don’t judge me…it makes me feel better-Kristen)
  • “Let it be”-The Beatles
  • “A change is gonna come”-Sam Cooke
  •  “Glory Baby”- Watermark
  • “Blessed Be Your Name”- Matt Redman

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One comment on “Listen at your own risk…

  1. Oh I love ‘No less than a woman’ by Lady Saw. I’m not infertile I guess, but I have had two MC’s so far, and no live babies yet, and her lyrics just break my heart.

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