Okay, so, where were we…

The lovely ladies here at Cracked Eggs reminded me it’s been awhile since I initially posted so, here I go again!

When we last left the Trishanator, she was talking about how things have to move on, right? Right. Actually, wrong (I had to go back and read my last post haha!). So here we are, the first month of 2013 (omg) and I’m now 35 years old, still not pregnant and still childless. But now we have a plan.

But back to the future….

Over a year ago last September we decided to try to carry our child-seeking selves into a new realm – the realm of adoption. After extensive research and planning, we decided to go with Caring For Kids in Cuyahoga Falls. C4K is a good company – the people are nice, they’re not horribly expensive (we’ve spent about $2000 with them so far) and they promised to find us a baby.

We decided at that time to go with the public welfare legal risk program. The “public welfare” part of this is that the children are already up for adoption – their states have severed the parents’ rights and they’re ready to come to a good home. The “legal risk” part is that we’re willing to take a baby whose sibs have already been given up by their mother for adoption and the mother knows it’s not in her self interest to keep the baby. The benefits are – baby! The negatives? See below. =.=

Problem, then: we’re looking too young, apparently.  There are literally NO children under 3 who haven’t been beaten to hell by drugs, alcohol or their parents out there that need a good loving family. So, we wait. We went through the homestudy with flying colors, got our classes out of the way and as of March we’re approved to adopt! Yay! Exciting!!! NOT.SO.MUCH. We’re still waiting.

Fast forward to now.  Ugh. That’s all I have to say. We’re still waiting. And probably will continue to do so unless something changes. The only option left to us? IVF. I imagine that *duh, duh, DUHHHH…* sound every time I mention IVF and there are a few good reasons for this.

1) it’s horribly expensive.

2) what if it doesn’t work???

3) the money that could be used for it could go to, oh, i don’t know, a zillion other things?!

BUT, there’s a chance – a good one – that it’ll work. So here I sit, a couple potential months out from trying IVF, and kind of freaking that it’ll be another waste of money. The money, too, is an issue – because it’ll be our tax refunds + my DH’s work bonus that’ll get us there.

What about your adoption work, you ask? Well, $5K will get us into the private infant program. This program sets up birth mothers to look at the family books of waiting adoptive families so that she can pick them out herself. Alas, if we do IVF, we probably won’t be able to afford private infant, so….. Wanna hand over your wallet? 😉


Hello Cracked Eggs…

Hi everyone.

Candi & Kristen asked me to guest post, so I figured “Hey, it’s Wednesday morning, why the heck not?” So, here goes…

A little bit about myself: *clears throat a la an AA meeting* Hi, my name is Trisha, I’m (almost) 35 years old and I am infertile. (Hi, Trisha!)

My story is pretty simple, though a bit different from Candi’s & Kristen’s – my husband, Michael, and I were married in October of 2002 and because of Mike’s reticence about having kids, we decided to wait a year before we started trying. During that year, we had to work out a few things between ourselves anyway. Anyway, so we waited a year, then started trying. Keep in mind that because we didn’t like condoms, we didn’t use protection at all and I wasn’t on the pill. Sure we’d agreed to wait a year but I figured if it happens, it happens. I was totally secure in my want of kids – Mike was just a little unsure, but I knew he would make an excellent father.

Anyway, we keep trying, keep trying, keep trying – nothing. We spent the time trying to get our finances in order (made the typical stupid mistakes with credit cards when we first got married), we work, go to school, graduate from college, get married, work, go to school, graduate from college (me this time), buy a house, etc. And nothing. Nothing happens. By this time we’re pretty sure there must be a problem so we finally hook up with a fertility specialist here in Akron.

Follow through with the typical testing, the blood draws (do NOT be afraid of needles if you decide to do this), etc. Then the doctor dropped the bomb – there is NOTHING wrong. Well, mostly. Mike’s boys are a little odd, but the “good ones” are plentiful – the doctor is stumped, we are too. So we do some IUI’s (inter-uterine inseminations) and by the 4th one we’re old hat at this – and yay, maybe this one worked?!

I was SO excited! I actually HAD a number – 5! Finally – I had the sore boobs, the bloating, etc.

But no. It didn’t stick. There’s a lot at the time that I could have blamed it on – almost 100% of the blame I felt at the time lay with the stress over the job I had at the time. By the time my boobs stopped hurting and the bloat went away, I’d gotten fired from that job. It’s safe to say that things are very different now.

This was 2 years ago….and time for a new adventure in the baby game.

Well, kids, this is where I stop for now (I gotta go to work…dang it). But more later, I promise.

OH, and as I go through and try to hash all of this out (with Cracked Eggs permission, of course) if anyone has any questions, let me know. As Kristen will tell you – I’m an open book. Just may take some time to get all the chapters out. 😉 Happy Wedsnesday!